Horseshoe Bay II

I'm proud to say that after a few months of playing and writing my longer story its nearing completion and I will be releasing them periodic eposode format so with ought further a due here is the long awaited boring part two. Mind some of these are not the final versions but are close.

“Alright,” Cockat00 said under a drawn ought sigh, holding his head up toward the just only visible ruins of the old world under the last light of day. “Until tomorrow you magnificent bastard”. A gate sentry closed the hatch illuminating the dark passage with the tell tale red glow of any submarine, and proceeded down the ladder.

“I’m tired Valk, tell the officers no cribbage tonight, I’ll be in my cabin if anyone needs me.”I want the names of those volunteers in the morning. Oh and make sure Peptide has a runabout ready for them.”

Elsewhere in the ship the last few of functional servers hummed with use.

”Actually they’re strained under the workload, It’s amazing they’re running at all.” Nolte said.”I mean considering we haven’t had an overhaul or real replacement parts in months."

“Yeah cap says you’ll be getting those parts soon he’s’ getting together a resupply party and I’m in charge of getting it ready. I need a birthday list of everything you need in here I’m not guaranteeing you’l get everything on it but hell it’s a start for the guys going out.”

“Whose goin?” Nolte spit a brown stream of dip into a half full Perrier Bottle.

Don’t know yet, just started taking names and right now it’s only volunteers. Valkyrie put on his bargain face. “Extra game time rations for those that sign up.”

Nolte started laughing "Oh yeah extra game time does us allot of good when you don’t come back at all and end up in some fiends croc pot.”

“Well your chipper today.”

“I haven’t slept in two days, trying to keep these servers goin, why don’t you come back when you have some parts for me.”

Valkyrie “Fair enough, cap’n says no cards tonight, get some sleep why don’t ya. Your gonna need it.”

Nolte snuffeled and twisted off some screws opening the side of a loud server.

Valkyrie “Suit yourself then.”

“Make sure they bring back good parts this time, the last party brought me a load of half broken shit.”

Valkyrie lifted the dog handles on the door preparing to leave.

“What I really need is a shower.” Nolte mumbled under his voice as the large first officer closed the hatch sealing the cool room to itself. “Bring back some god damn new parts that work.” He yelled as the large steel door swung shut.