Here is a beginning of a project I've been working on. Mind its still in beta but I figured you would all like a taste.

“We're receiving unconfirmed reports the presidents of France, Russia, and the United States, along with the Prime Minister of England and Chairman of China are collaborating to launch their nuclear weapons towards”......

“Authorities are urging everyone to seek shelter as low as possible. If your near a cave system please get to”.....

“Notre Père, qui es aux cieux, que ton nom soit sanctifié, que ton règne vienne, que ta volonté soit faite” …..

“Please Stand by, and for now, God help us all.”


After the failure of the Willis missions, as a last desperate act, the leaders of the world agreed to send the earths entire nuclear arsenal towards the the comet, in an attempt to alter the it's trajectory.


“Dammit,” Cockat00 said, crushing the empty pack of cigarettes in his hand “Last one for a while.”

He struck the home made match on the solid steel hatch, and carefully joined the flame to the crooked stick. The sun rarely showed its rays through the thick nuclear dust clouds, but he looked west anyway hoping for a glimmer of light. A small breeze caught the crushed discarded pack and blew it around in small circles. Somewhere in the distance the sound of sporadic gunfire broke the silence.

“Raiders probly,” A voice from behind, his number two in command a heavier set man named Valkyrie. “Sir we need to close up for the night.”

“Just a moment,” Cockat00 said. Taking a longer drag to ensure no tobacco went to waste. He flicked the butt over the rail into the cold water below bouncing off the faded white numbers 739.

“You know we had three more hard drives fail today.” Valkyrie.

“Yeah I know, I read the report.” Cockat00.

“At this rate well be out of replacements within the better part of a month.” Valkyrie.

“Again I know.” The gentle waves broke lightly off the side of the submarine.

“Sometimes I just wish the damn thing would have hit us dead on and put an end to it all. “Start taking names for a landing party, extra game time rations for those who volunteer, and get Dalek to draw up a list of possible sites mot likely to produce parts.”