Hey everyone,

I spose you have realized there hasn't been much new posting in the past few weeks, but fear not there is a reason. In the time I have taken from writing for the blog I have been writing a book. Yes that's right a real actual book with real pages and bindings. In the I am currently on the final revisions of the book and for lack of better terminology, am in post production. Currently I am waiting on a few illustrations a friend of mine has been doing and going through and fixing as much bad grammar as I can find. NOTE: A friend of a friend has an actual editor who has agreed to take a look at the book when I think it is ready this should be a great help.

Anyway I've been working really hard on this thing for everybody and I hope when it comes out you all enjoy it. Speaking of which. When its ready you will be able to find it here at my lulu store front . I am also looking into turning the paper book into an audio book. I have tried to do some reading into my mic here on my computer with limited sucess. I really hope I can do an audio book as well as the stories in here really become allot more fun when you hear me read them.

Well that's all for now check back for the release date of the book I am naming Tebma 'His arms open'.