The Self Light of Inner thought

After some very stressful weeks here in Texas I spent the better part of the weekend at condfw. While I have a ton of wonderful stories to share from the even, it is going to take me some time to write them, as of course I have a ton of work to do here in the next few weeks. Keep checking back you wont be disappointed. Hopefully I can work up the knowhow to write what i hope will be a series of posts entitled "everything I need to know I learned from watching star trek" or EINTKILFWST.

Odly enough the best way to describe the happenings of this weekend is with one of my all time favorite Star Trek episodes and one of my all time favourite folk melodies from Kataan. Listen and enjoy it really is a thought provoking tune.

Or in real life, The tune played by Picard in "The Inner Light" was an excerpt from "Scottish Fantasy", originally composed by Max Bruch and re-composed by Jay Chattaway.