Wheres Walter

As chance would happen I have been catching up on some episodes of This American Life, my favorite netcast. Last weeks episode ironicly it brings me back to my home city of Fond du Lac WI. Where at the Ramada Hotel a Ghost haunts the guests. Ill just throw in that I spent a good amount of time there for various things over the years.

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From 'This american Life'
Act Two. Where's Walter?

Starlee Kine rents a room at a Ramada hotel in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where a ghost supposedly plays pranks on the guests and staff. The ghost's name is Walter, for Walter Schroeder, the guy who originally built the hotel in the 1920s. It turns out Walter was a successful businessman and a kindly philanthropist who threw great dinner parties. So why would he bother haunting a Ramada? Starlee originally wrote and read a version of this story for The Little Gray Books Lecture Series. (14 minutes)