Human Soap

“Hey You, Why don't you blog anymore? Remember when we used to have so much fun linking important geek stories and writing about your life.You and other people actually enjoyed those.”

“I don't know.” I say just don't really get the urge to spend the time sitting in front of a text editor after staring at thousands of lines of code for hours everyday. Plus my life really isn't all the interesting, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable even putting stuff out for the whole world to know anymore.
I mean I've seen that CSI show.

The voice which has become synonymous with SyNONYM of whom I haven't herd from in a while speaks up.

“Who said anything about spilling your guts man , you could talk about stuff, link a bbspot post or two, tell a short story or three. Oh like today, when you walked upstairs and your roommates snake was missing from its cage and you freaked out like a little girl.”

“Hey I did not freak out I just didn't have any shoes on at the time alright.”

“Whatever, Indy.”

“Oh and don't feed me that line of bs about looking at a computer monitor all day hurts your eyes thats what you do all day anyway. Dude If your really that lazy You could hook up the Mic and just record your post into a netcast.”

“True that.” Netcasting is something I had toyed with doing in the past but never really got around to doing. I mean what if they think your voice is really annoying? and then I would have to worry about external hosting well maybe in the future.

“Ahem not that hard man .... lazy ass”

The truth is nothing lately has really inspired me to write. Well there was that one about the cabin but that was just too good not to share
. Honestly I just haven't been in the blogging mood for well, for pretty much the past few years. This gets me to thinking how come?

Whats changed, well still in school no help there, you live off campus now typical post nuclear house of college kids, but really whats the difference where you sleep when you still have the same things to do when you wake up in the morning. The soda in the fridge has been replaced with 24 cans of MGD. Running Vista and Ubuntu now, still whats the difference. Eyes took a shit and glasses are becoming that extra thing you need to drag along with your iTouch with you when you go out. I ramble off a proverbial Venn diagram of ideas, all the while knowingly ignoring what truly needed to be compared and contrasted.

The voice of SyNONYM tweets up.

“So basically what your saying is you need some major event in your life before its good enough to jot a few lines down and click publish?”

"I don't know”, Its just hard to gather my thoughts like that on en everyday basis.

“Well it never used to be a problem. Listen your just going to get depressed if you sit here and argue with yourself all afternoon go and do something away from the computer well talk later. Listen No World of Warcraft.Go grab a Guinness or something.”

I walk down the cluttered hallway which as every college house has, one clear path down the middle of massive mounds of crap. I glance over at the now locked snake tank to make sure Munch the ball python is under his log. You ever get out again and I'm gonna have myself a brand new belt.

The house is silent for once, everyones at work or in class maybe. I walk downstairs a mountain of dirty dishes which no matter how many times I wash and put away never seems to get any smaller sits stagnant in the kitchen sink. I think about washing them but decide I've done my share of cleaning this week. On the island a half eaten Birthday cake calls to me and I cut a small piece, no need for a plate. Around the corner the TV has been left on again even though it has no audience. I cant take it and move at least half the pile of dishes into the dish washer and turn it on.

"Dude, why did you do that your not Marry Poppins let the nasty indifferent roommates clean up their own shit."

"Whats up with you today why are you so pissed off? “

“Thats none of your business, just drop it and lets go back upstairs and see if we can write anything that doesn't suck for once."

Dumbfounded by the words coming from the voice of SyNONYM an awkward silence once again fills the house.

| | | |

The cursor blinks at the top left corner of the open office document.

"Ummm, perhaps you should go clean the bathroom. Or theres some homework with your name on it over there in the corner. Come back later and see if you can compose something that doesn't suck for once. Maye go grab a Guinness or something.”