So it’s well into midterms, and already they are already beginning to take their toll. Man I am looking forward to this spring break. Anyway, studying continues to rule the majority of my life Yippy, but each test taken is one step closer to graduation. Last Saturday I spent most of my day working security at the Texas Livestock show and rodeo. And once again I was given the almighty task of watching the people on the escalators to make sure they did not mess around on them. Good job for a college educated person huh. I mean over a period of eight hours I only saw two bull rides, the people working inside got to see the whole show, grrrr. But all in all I did get a good picture of me in Texas see the flickr images. I personally think it’s a great picture. Well not much to report here other then class and more class tests and more tests. I am trying to finish the Mardi Gras posts before I leave this Friday but no promises. Hopefully Kim and I will finish that extra special post we were working on during Christmas before all the shit hit the fan. That’s all for this morning heading off to JAVA.


Anonymous said...

Can we finish that blog together still... Please?