Broken Sand

This is a short paper I was asked to write for drama about the Movie Crash and how it relates to diversity. Nothing real special but I am really getting tired from writing about diversity all the time. LOL.

Wikipedia defines diversity in social context, as a term referring to the presence in one population of a (wide) variety of cultures, and ethnic groups. A term largely taken for granted in today’s growing world, but all the yet present. Diversity has shaped and molded the world since the first traders of different nation states came across one another. The very building block of the United States diversity offers both the solution and the problem. The movie “Crash” attempts to give insight into the term diversity by placing it in a modern day surroundings.
Covering a wide variety of ideals and ideas, “Crash" seems to center around that of broken communication in racism. “Crash” suggests people have become overwhelmed with themselves, casting out basic the basic emotions of love and respect, using only revulsion and fear to demonstrate to the world they personally are right. Take for example some of the characters nationalities, Caucasian, Black, Latino, each initially looking through a toilet paper tube, they are blinded from the larger picture, and fall into their respective stereotypical categories. However, via a series of unfortunate events, are consequentially drawn together. It is at this point where the film switches from a contemplative combination of shorts about racism in everyday life, to an intense entanglement of choices and cost. Through these causes and effects, the characters depth and souls, begin to exhibit that despite their preliminary perceived and upheld differences, when it comes down to it, every one bleeds red. And that in fact every one is ultimately dependant on neither themselves nor others, but upon the world.
Commonplace issues and differences mean little to those that educate, accept, contribute, and understand the realities of life in the world today. However a large majority of global present day culture fatigues about its daily life commuting, working, living, and surviving, just as everyone else: Unwilling to look at the broader picture. Whether making scraping the bottom of the pot, or enjoying life with the aristocrat class. The qualities of these characters, and the rest of the world today have no immunity from the long history and even current effects of stereotyping and racial profiling of inhumanity.
Blinded by their status, culture, and overall mentality, through centuries of acceptance, the world finds itself attempting to define diversity on paper while bypassing the very essence of diversity. “Crash” simply communicates to the world that the word diversity only works when implemented by all, for a common good.