Little People Everywhere

This morning I awoke to the unpleasant sound of Bang Bang on my door. “MIDN Gruening, get out of bed you have 5 minutes to get your uniform and meet us at the unit for the Nimitz JROTC meet. I opened the door and told the other MIDN as politely I could I explained was not on the list to go. Immediately I heard every MIDN’s worst nightmare “theirs been a change of plans”. I grabbed my stuff and was out the door faster then ___. I tell you if this has happened to me once it has happened a thousand times. I have no idea why it is always me they come for maybe I am just that good. Anyway two hours later we arrived at Nimitz and went straight to work. I was given the duty Head Judge of the Armed Exabition Drill team (that’s the one where they twirl the rifles). Each drill team did an excellent job. (Considering they were only 15 and 16 year olds). The two units the impressed me the most were the Navy JROTC unit Bush, and the Air Force JROTC unit Katie Collins. Their drill teams were so exceptional they give out NROTC a run for our money. This meet increased my attendance of JROTC meets to five. I tell you its getting really old really fast. The only thing I realy don’t mind is being saluted by all the JROTC’s. I like being called sir. Also as mean as it sounds I also enjoy correcting the JROTC members and improper uniforms for not saluting stuff like that. Maybe it’s my ego basically everything I have ever done I have always been in charge of.
After judging 23 completed their drill, I finally received the word the met was ending and we could go home that eats us to where I am right now driving back to PV on 290 W. we have about another 45 minutes before we get back I think I am going to take a short nap so I can actually do something later this evening.