Who Cut the Cheese?

Before I left some of the Officers and staff of my NROTC unit overheard me talking about how much better Wisconsin cheese is. I got the definite feeling they did not believe me. So, a good portion of the rather large bag I brought back from Wisconsin was devoted to bringing back a little taste of Wisconsin, and proving once for all nothing beats Wisconsin cheese. Today I brought the cheese over to the David M. Brewer Building (NROTC building) and definitively proved to everyone there Cheese can be as good as ice cream “if it’s from Wisconsin”. I may have involuntarily caused the entire staff to like cheese a bit too much for just as each piece of cheese was placed on the serving plate it was snatched up like faster then a pizza at a weight watchers convention. The sharp cheddar curds went the fastest. I was just happy to share the love.
Ok just put in the special edition Top Gun DVD and man does it rock. The menu make me want to jump into an F-14 and kick some serious boggy ass. By far the best improvement besides the hours of extras on disk two is the serious sound quality. Digitally remastered in 6.1 DTS man jets never sounded so good in a movie. If you have the means I highly recommend getting a copy.
Well one week down 15 to go. So far so good I still have the infamous 4.0 for the current semester let’s hope is stays up there. Kim just called and wanted to know what I am doing for Spring break. “To tell you the truth I really don’t have much of any idea right now’. I do know that my options include staying here and catching up on seep, possible going to visit relatives in Midland TX “about an 8 hour drive”, going home, or goin to Kim’s mothers house. My guess in order to avoid the FFiLS Kim will mostly go see her mother. See our vacation only correspond for two and a half days. We are attempting to get together but our window is not very big. I just hope I get to see her. Wish us luck.