History is the key to the future

Sitting in the Midshipman Wardroom reading up on some U.S. History to be more specific, the reconstruction of 1865. I normally consider myself one who enjoys history. Now I am not one who wants to have a PhD in it, but I have been known to throw on some occasional History Channel from time to time. This semester I decided to get rid of all the history classes I need to graduate, therefore, I have 9 hours of history this semester. Naval History, U.S History I, and U.S History II, “each class is here credits”. It’s ok though since the timeline flows together and basically makes it easier to follow. I can’t imagine attempting to take one of these classes each semester for the next three semesters. Either I would forget everything I learned, and have to start all over.

Anyway, A pretty normal day overall. I decided that with the new semester a change of scenery would be appropriate. I changed around my room and so far I am liking it. It’s a bit more private, and it allows me to watch TV while still in bed.