Empty Glass

My official Star Fleet academy glass sits gingerly upon its 3.5 inch floppy disc coaster, empty.

As most of you know thats not a good sign that generally means the creative part of my brain has gone dormant. It's been that way for part of a month, in all honesty theres tons of stuff going on right now so that may have something to do with it. Although the true culprit is most likely Blizzard entertainment and their new Cataclysm expansion pack for World of Warcraft. You would think I would be completely sick of it now (in all honestly I was beginning to get sick of it a few weeks before the new release) but, with ever changing lore and game play I find myself rejuvenated to play it again. *Note to self make another Warcraft post.*

Something to look forward to though, when my sister comes home for Christmas this year from college we plan on writing a nice post for everyone. I'm really excited about it as she is also quite a good writer hopefully we can come up with something really great.

I've got a little side project in the form of a Lan Party for our great area started which finally, via the evil powers of facebook finally got some attention. http://fonddulan.com. Hopefully with everyones help we can get that baby rolling. Lan parties again as anyone who reads this site are always special events.