In other news

Today I resumed work on a series of stories about when I was a boy scout. I started writing these stories almost two years ago, but a long set of writers block and another longer set of just not feeling like writing overcame the project. I had intended to originally release all the stories in a small ebook, but now after working on them I think they are perfect candidates for another lulu release. So now I have to switch writing styles from just stuff I end up jotting down for the blog into real material. Perhaps it will end up being an ebook but I'll just keep writing.

In other news I'll be releasing the digital version of Temba for free for a time, of course under creative commons. The printed book of course will remain on lulu. The download will be available on the right side of the blog so if you decided that five bux was to much for you then now will be your chance to grab it for free.

Lastly: The more write the more ideas pop into my mind that being said I encourage any readers to submit their ideas for posts they would like to see here on SyNONYM.