What Happens Next

This afternoon, while searching my usual indi film festival movies I came across a video entitled "The Goblin Man of Norway". Its really underground, to the point where it not even on youtube yet. I have a hard time even describing to you this video, only that it is absolutely tantalizing. Please do yourself a favor and watch the first part of this documentary; I am positive it will leave you asking for more.

Director Howard Byrackk has pushed his unique form of storytelling to a new extreme in his latest documentary film. “The Goblin Man of Norway” explores the possible Norse connections to the controversial ‘Goblin Man’, discovered in northern Norway. Byrackk gained access to exclusive interviews with the key figures behind the discovery, and gives viewers an inside look at the controversy surrounding the Goblin Man.

Follow the link "The Goblin Man of Norway: Part I"


Anonymous said...

when this turns out to be a viral marketing campaign for too human, you guys are gonna look dumb. thats why it isnt on youtube yet. doesnt even have any hits on google unless you count all the forums talking about the too human video diary.