Journey to the Center of the Mind

I want you to think for a bit? What did you do today? Undoubtedly you went to some type of work be it school or kind that you actually get money for, or you had to clean the house. How long did you do them was it an 8 to 5 day or did you get up at o dark thirty to commute to work. What did you do when you got home, throw a Swanson into the microwave and turn on CSI Las Vegas only to find yourself dozing off right when the miniature killer has struck again?

In today’s world of multi tasking its not uncommon for anyone of us to have our mental to do list full at any given moment. Finish one thing and immediately you have 5 more to do. Of course what I am really talking about is stress, and just as the saying goes too much of even a good thing is always bad. So what is our preverbal "big brothers" answer to stress in this green and yellow light world of today, Vacations?

Wait, am I making vacations sound like a bad thing, who doesn't like vacations right. Here is the problem with vacations. They end, and where are you back to after your 5 vacation days end? Right back to the same old environment most likely behind in work and now you have to work extra hard to catch back up. So what am I getting to here?

In today’s world we do stuff, our minds have become accustomed to always doing something, rarely do we ever lock yourself in a room, turn the TV off, and think about just how the hell were spending our lives.

Try something for me now.

First, if you can, sit straight back in you computer chair, no cheating now an actual 90 degree angle between your back and your legs, now put your feet together side by side. Got it, now below there is a yotube movie, were going to try 5 minutes of basic meditation. After clicking on the movie below close your eyes and place your hands palm up on your thighs, sitting straight up, and take deep slow breaths for the duration of the song. For meditation to work you must focus on one thing and only one thing during the period of reflection, keeping it simple I am going to suggest maybe the four seasons of a flower or possibly snow melting. A bit more complicated but something I now do often is think about prayer (whomever your god) doesn’t actually pray but think about what prayer means. Let’s see if you can do it for a measly five minutes out of your life.

Did you do it, no matter, if you did not quite make it the entire time, who cares it was only 5 mins of your life, its much harder then you would think. While I am no Zen Monk but I continue to get better at meditation. I have come now to find meditating twice a day for fifteen minutes has a very calming and stress relieving effect on my mind, in the morning I take a more traditional approach going all out with the japanese techniques with incence and the whole nine yards, but in the evening I change over to a relatively new form of meditation. Christian meditation.

If you are at all interested in this form of Christian meditation head on over to the world community for christian meditation at You can also watch this short video which briefly talks about some of the techniques we use.

At the request of a friend of mine I am working on a post about scotch whiskey. It might take me a few days to do as any post about scotch must be worthy of the angles share.