What a Great Day

Ok so first off I finished my last final today. Yeah. No more school for me for a while. Now even though ordinarily school ending is enough to make me scream and jump for joy, but to make things even better AGEIA'S Physx processing Unit PPU is now available for purchasing. I have been waiting for this thing for a year (I even wrote a paper about it if you remember).
Ok so its official as of three hours ago you could buy the PPU. First to get the card on the shelves is BFG Tech. Asus the other manu. Of the card says its models will be coming shortly. If anyone is still wondering about buying one of these babies after reading my paper, head on over here (Make sure you read the whole article). Man this thing is amazing even in games it’s not really designed for. The price tag is up there at three hundred smackers. Good thing I have been saving for this baby. Oh man Cube computer is going to be one badass little machine.

In case you want to see what it can do or even buy it.