Yellow Feathers

This evening for the first time in many weeks I got through the day without thinking about Kim, and other then being a bit tired, I have not felt this good in many weeks. The song that brought me back of course you already know it as Somewhere Down the Road. Every part of that song speaks nothing other then the story of Kim and I. Dreams upon distant shores tells the story of our Navy lives, and most obviously we did have the right love at the wrong time. Perhaps somewhere down the road we will once again find one another, but until then Goodbye.

That being said life down here in Prairie View continues to progress. But Wednesday I had a bit of cherish news. My DRAMA class (which they make us computer science majors take because they believe it helps us become more social hmmmm) was given our final project. We must take a play or theatre production that takes place in the past, and while keeping almost the same script, transform it into a modern day setting. Well since I am about the most squared away person in that class it has come to be that I will be directing the play.
Ahhh but that’s not all, since I am directing the play I was given the opportunity to select a play for the class to transform. Automatically one play came to mind,….. that of my current obsession Mr. Manilow. The song Copacabana, the Musical Copacabana. It somehow you have been living in a cave with no door, and are not familiar the play or song here's a brief overview.

The story follows aspiring songwriter, Stephen, as he composes what he hopes will become a hit musical. His imagination takes him back to the 1940s as he creates a story surrounding an ambitious young singer Lola Lamar who arrives in New York City from Tulsa hoping to become a star. She lands a position at the famous Copacabana Nightclub, "the hottest club north of Havana", and strives to become a 'Copa Girl' dancer with the help of the bartender, Tony Starr. But what no one expects is the arrival of one named Rico who wore a Diamond.

I plan to take this play and put into a Houston Night club indicative of my fellow class mates down here in PV. I really think that this could be an excellent show. A bit of Broadway and a little of the Ghetto, with some Music and Passion, yeah it should be good. I hope I can figure out a way to tape this thing.