I can't believe its not Butter....

Sorry everyone for not really updating SyNONYM. I have accumulated so many stories in the past months that either I have started to write and never finished or just have not had the mindset yet to write. With most of the stories being somehow related to Kim its hard most of the time to keep my mind focused. As for myself life goes on an hour at a time, I just really cant type what I feel right now. I only can say to all of you think back to when you think you had found that one true love and that one true love disappeared or slipped away from your hands. My room mate Chris has also been a pretty big help lately, not in an emotional way but in a guy way. Tuesday we decided to go and make an impulse purchase, we went out and got a home gym like a bowflex. He’s working on passing his PRT, and right now it’s a really good way for me to get rid of some of my anger and general frustrations. We had to move the Kitchen table to the center of the room to make room for the Gym. So far its been a real big hit with our visitors, room 1425 is what you could call a pretty good bachelor pad right about now. Hey plus I might even get back into decent shape in a while.

Sleeping has been fairly difficult as of lately, keeping my mind busy during the day is not normally a problem but at night that good ol gray lump of protein gets firing. Well have to see what comes of that hopefully I wont need any medicine or anything. I have NAVY commitments for the greater majority of this weekend, not exactly what I was hoping for but that’s the Navy life for us all. Anyway I guess just keep praying for me, as I really need it right now more then ever, I somehow know god will work this all out, but that only helps a little here and there. My mind is beginning to wonder off again so I better wrap this up. I’ll try to maybe finish off some of those stories I have started, but no promises, plus grades have to come first right now.