The Fabric of our lives

Today has been one of the hardest yet.

With an almost endless list of busy work and chores to complete before my one o’clock class, including laundry, housing payments and a meeting with a teacher, Chris and I sat down at the coffee table and flipped on the TV for a few minutes before the laundry matt opened. A steaming cup of Joe found itself almost empty in a matter of a few sips. The weather channel, Fox news, you know the daily special everyone watches to make sure the world did not end in their sleep. But soon the news and weather gave way to a program I have learned to love entitled The Bernie Mack Show…….

And there it was in all of its glory a shirt. Luckily the majority of the black liquid had been consumed for suddenly my entire body felt as if I was pulling 9’g in an F-14. My hands began to shake and my eyes turned into Niagra Falls. There on the TV worn by the oldest daughter of the show it was. You see this was not just any shirt, this was the shirt I had taken Kim’s first real picture in. Green and white stripes with a simple string tie V-Neck. Always looking gorgous in that shirt, oh how I loved it when she put it on. So many memories have been associated with that little piece of cotton. I remember it like it was yesterday when I took those first pictures. My beautiful was so nervous, but smiled with her metal teeth anyway. I mean something so small and I cant get it out of my head. I miss Kim so much.