Lately I have been on a Barry Manilow Craze. When I stumbled upon this flash movie, Barry sings Unchained Melody for some military members. Take a look here. Those lyrics are so true. His songs just mean so much more to me now with the whole Kim situation. I mean he has always been a great singer, but his songs, Mandy, Weekend in New England, Ready to Take a Chance again, and all the others just are really hitting home right now. I can now relate to them on a personal level. Somehow his songs just bring a smile to face, and hope to my heart. "Hope that does not sound too sappy". 19 year old college student who loves Barry Manilow "I dont knowwww". ((Mom I blame you))

Anyway Kim and I continue on our long process of trying to patch up holes on a crumbled wall, some days the grout seems to be holding while others, well the wall comes crumbling down. This thing is really starting to take its toll on me. Right now God and Hope are holding me together. Simple things are becoming harder everday. I am really looking forward to our vacation, it really has the potential to help our relationship. For now I just have to hold on with all my heart to those few strands of thread holding us together. Once again thank you to everyone helping me through this. Special thanks to Kim's mother Sheila for being so wonderful in mediating this whole thing. I am just so confused right now. I quote Doc Brown "After I destroy the time machine I will explore the other great unsolved mystery of the universe,...Women".

On a little happier note this weekend I will be travel to New Orleans to partake in some Mardi Gras Festivites. While I don't plan on getting anywhere near Bourbon St. this year or even having a single drink,(to crazy) there are a bunch of great jazz bars down there. I guess mabye it will help me get away from some of the problems in my life for a while. Plus rumors say Britney Spears(FERDALINE) is going to be down there, for some of the parades, that would be fun, mabye get to see Sean Preston. The only really bad thing is that we have to stay in the aircraft hanger (NAS New Orleans) again and sleep on those Korea vintage cots.

Class continues, not much to report other then it being really hard to keep my mind concentrated these days. My Data Structures class (Computer Science) is much harder then I had originally anticipated, teacher is not really that good but still. On the topic of computers Chris and I are thinking about taking a trip to Austin in March for a Really huge LAN Party, which would be fun. More info later. Ummm yeah all considering at least right now my grades are coming along fairly well. It's funny, a few years ago grades did not really mean much more to me then a pile of pigon poo. Sure I wanted to get those good grades, but if I did not, you know life went on. Now since I have been in college and had some sucess in those same academics that gave me a run for my money in high school, I look at them in a slightly different matter. They almost always have to come first, sure there are times when they can take the back seat, but its soo crucial to get those grades. Lets hope all turns out well in the coming weeks.

As for SyNONYM, well I have all of these great posts in my mind but I just cannot seem to get them on paper, as it were. Hopefully I'll get them done for everybody, so you don't have to keep listening me rant and rave about my Love life.

Oh mom, thanks.