New Year's Resolutions Geeks Will Make and Break in 2006

11. I will not start playing any video game after 2 am.
10. I will read a book that's neither sci-fi nor fantasy.
9. I will only make insightful, relevant posts in forums.
8. I will spend more of my waking hours away from the computer than on it.
7. I will stop correcting friends when they refer to Star Trek as Star Wars and vice versa.
6. I will only patch my software when I need to.
5. I will not make any expensive hardware upgrades just to get a 5% performance increase.
4. I will not talk about my awesome computer system at non-geek social events.
3. I will only blame Bill Gates for things that are actually his fault.
2. I will always show tolerance for people who don't know the difference between memory and hard drive space.
1. I will not deface your website just because you disrespected my level 60 Night Elf druid.


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