The Big Goodbye

Ok at this point its been a while since I have posted a decent story or something. And there is not much point in attempting to cover it up anymore. Kim and I are going through some hard times. I find writing blogs right now to be kind of annoying and its hard to keep my train of thought to write a decent story. SyNONYM has suffered from that. While I am not going to go into details about what is going on (since none of you really need to know) but I will say that Kim and I are for now are taking time off from one another. Things have not been so jolly the past few weeks, and right now it seems to be the best cours of action. Please keep the two of us in mind this semester as the rest of the story unfolds. I am still hopeful that we will get back together in the future. All I can do right now is burry myself in school, and hope for the best.

I guess I am not sure how often SyNONYM will be updated in the next few months. I wont lie to everyone when I say I really don't know what is going to happen and I am scared right now. This is going to be the hardest 18 weeks of my life.

Please dont ask for more details. If you know some details already keep them to yourselfs. The last thing we need right now are rumors floating around about what is going on. If Kim or I want you to know something you will know, if not please dont ask.

God Willing everything wil work out in the end.