Ok since I really don’t have the knack to finish this thing in its entirety (still not feeling well) I have decided to post the Homecoming story in its unfinished form, I just don’t want to keep everybody waiting. So here it is in its half form.

Prairie View TX, Population, (the number of fingers on your left hand). Well at least normally that is, but for during one crucial weekend out of the year Prairie View, a particle of dust in god’s eye, gains sentious, Homecoming.
Ok so everybody knows that PV (as a city) could fall off a cliff and nobody would care or even notice. One run down gas station with barred windows, a fast food place serving non other then chicken and a couple of houses. That is the straight up truth to what is here. But homecoming changes all of that. Empty fields fill bumper to bumper with RV’s, campers, tents; double parked cars line the one road PV has. Normally filled classrooms seem deserted, while parties fill the air with music and BBQ. If I had to put a finger on how many people come to PV for homecoming I would say its probly pushing three thousand. Pretty big for a school of eight. Anyway One main attraction is the parade, which ends up being a battle of the bands dozens and I do mean dozens of local high schools, junior high’s, even elementary and colleges bus their bands the PV parade. Having been in band myself, I believe I can speak for the bands when I say holy chicken nuggets that’s allot of band. Anyway bands are not the only thing in the parade either, it has the usual band stuff, alumni ride in horse drawn carriages, sit on top of cars more expensive then a seawolf class submarine. Only describable with three words “Organized Utter Chaos”. Perhaps its only big to those attending or who have graduated from PV, maybe its one of those things that you just don’t get until you experience it (kind of like spam). I also imagine that other campuses around the world have similar homecomings or even bigger and better ones. That being said I can’t imagine how big the homecoming festivities at a large campus with 40,000 plus students would be.

Oh yeah and just so everybody knows PV lost By how much I have no idea but at halftime it was 47, to 7 Mississippi valley, yeah looks like PV wont be capturing any new records for games won this year. Not that we really care anyway.


Joe said...

Well, Texas A&M College Station is the largest undergrad college this year, and the U of Minneosota is second - last year Ohio St. was #1 and we were 2, this year Ohio St is 4, following Arizona St. I think)

So we have about 50,000 students, and about 125,000 people on campus most days (including faculty and staff)...

Homecoming here is pathetic. No one seems to care besides the jocks and frat boys, and ladies who enjoy having sex, a lot.....

While many people go to the game, the parade is only frequented by the aforementioned frats and sororities, and some old alums. The other event, are all dumb. they have some old band play, i think it was godsmack or something last year, and thats limited to just a few hundred people.

The parties are about it for the involvement, most people go to them and get drunk. most people meaning the young freshman who don't know any better. Any experienced student knows that the local parties are only for the cops to arrest the drunk freshman. The smart people just stay in and get drunk, or in my case, spend it by themselves and a lonely copy of Far Cry.