Top 11 Geek Activities During the Summer

11. GPS assisted games of hide and seek.
10. Telling girls you spend a lot of time surfing, but leaving out the part about it being on the Internet.
9. Checking the national weather service website for the local weather and then instant messaging everyone in your contact list about how nice it is outside.
8. Mountain-Dew-balloon fights.
7. Waiting in line twelve hours for the latest comic book movie, then complaining how bad it sucked.
6. Moving the overclocked rig into the deep freezer.
5. Annual trip to supermarket to stock up on SPF60 Sunblock.
4. Building super solar-powered ant annhilator.
3. Melting stuff.
2. Road trip to Redmond for worship or desecration.
1. Getting killed by eleven year olds in online death matches.