Peace, Love, and Rockets Part I


It was the highly anticipated morning of the 10th of August three-thirty am to be exact when a clan of seven young video game enthusiasts entitled UAV came together to embark on what would be the holy grail of video gaming. The journey to Quakecon had begun.

First let’s set the picture seven guys, seven computers, two cars and twenty-two hours to Dallas Texas. Most of us have only had a few hours of sleep anticipating the ride and the games we were about to undertake. The cool Wisconsin breeze of three am passed over our faces as we closed the doors and left the cheese state behind us. Turning onto Johnson Street there was noting that could come between us and the Western hemispheres largest LAN party….. Except,……. for a Train, figures five fricken minutes into the ride we get stopped by a train. Although not a big deal I think a few of us though Titanic style omen for about another half an hour (luckily we were wrong). Anyway after what was a painfully long train (four engines), we headed south, Down around Madison, over the Illinois border through Rockford always keeping an eye out for cheap gas prices. A few potty breaks here and there and of course no LAN party trip would be complete without a stop at the infamous Taco Bell. Confusing a few with our strange casedea requests (you had to be there). All in all we were making really good time without even speeding and hitting basically no construction. Our car consisting of myself Cockat00, Woody, RevStan, Nolte, and grunt even broke out into song a couple of times (to techno remixes of course).
I would have loved to have a third person point of view on that a car full of five gaming nerds singing along to DJ Sammy’s Heaven like Barney and friends. You know what on second thought,……maybe not.

So you know what you do when you get down? You Just keep driving just keep driving just keep driving, driving , …driving. There were many a time around Okalahoma where everybody started to get tired. For whatever reason Okalahoma is way bigger then you think it is. I’m telling you the only thing that got us through the saving grace of energy drinks. By the time we hit the Texas border we had been driving for about seventeen hours with only a few gas and lunch stops and Okalahoma. But just as we thought there was no hope of ever making it to Dallas something happened, something wonderful. We saw for the first time a Dallas sign.

It was as if the doors of heaven opened up for us. Our dank smelly travel worn bodies rejoiced in the sight and all at once our carcasses came to life with the power of 100 bottles of bawls. Only a few hours later after passing many hotels which we though must have been the Gaylord we saw a glow on an otherwise dark horizon. Driving closer and closer the haze began to turn into a glow,…and even closer, night turned to day. When al at once out of what seemed nowhere the blue glow of a gargantuan sign and chain of buildings challenging those of the Egyptian pyramids came into view. We had arrived, arrived at QuakeCon 2005 at the Gaylord Texan convention center in Grapevine/Dallas Texas. Now all that was left to do was play games.... or so we thought.