How do you like your human?

Well this morning I awoke the pleasant morning glow of, the moon and stars with an air temperature or 40 degrees. The time on my silver Emerson Atomic Clock read 0345 and I was about to get on a bus drive two hours to a high school NJROTC Physical Fitness Drill meet in Beaumont. I meandered my way across the deserted campus toward the NROTC building for 0400 muster. It’s only a two minute walk but it seems like an eternity at four in the morning. Anyway being the first one there I picked a place along the buildings wall neat the entrance and popped a lean against it in the time it took for the other to leave and the time I first perched myself against the wall I cant remember a thing which lead me to believe that sleep got the best of me. I awoke, still standing, to the voice of our Sergeant .."Gruening let’s go". Luckily for me Sergeant let us sleep on the way there.
As the blazing Texas sun crept ever higher into the cloudless sky, and the sanctuaries of shadows disappeared, Ultraviolet rays began to Crispin my pale white computer geek skin. And by 1200 my skin had already turned a dark pink despite the spf 50 sun block given to me. By the time I was able to find some shelter inside the building the only word that exists that could describe me feeling and appearance is Texas Fried Human. Now as I sit in front of my computer, I’m keeping an extra eye pealed. Since I must look very appetizing to any passing cannibal. I think its time for some lotion its going to be a long night.

In better news my preordered Expansion pack to Doom 3, “Resurrection of Evil” shipped today and I should have it by Tuesday. God I cant wait to play it.


Joe said...

"I awoke still standing to the voice of our Sergeant Gruening let’s go. Luckily for me Sergeant let us sleep on the way there."

Sergeant Gruening, eh...? You really need to use punctuation, man...