Up today nice and early for the Navy Physical Fitness test I got a quick game of quake in before walking down to the track (it always gets my blood going). Anyway I passed but my bruised foot that has been giving me problems for the last week is really acting up today. I think tomorrow I might go and have it looked at. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and it will heal itself, if not oh well I don’t have to run five miles in the morning on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Oh DARN.

As for the rest of the day, for whatever reason I am extremely tired right now. Chris my roommate was sick for a couple of days last week so I better not be getting that either. Still the day has gone pretty smoothly I finally kicked ass on a history test World War I and II. Probably because it was not southern black history of the slaves(no offence) I am just no used to learning history from that standpoint. European History is my game. Boy it’s a nice feeling knowing for sure that you answered at least 85% of the questions right, that has not happened down here in a while. Guess I’ll try to get some nap time in here since I really don’t have that much homework tonight.

Oh yeah and ITOOLM is finding its way from my memory back to the paper, I am goin to finish it on Friday or Saturday. So look for it posted on Monday.