Nightmare/\3 = sqrt Heaven

All I have to say about Friday through Monday morning is that Kim and I had a really great time together although short it was really good to see her again. The weirdest part about the whole thing is that weekend is the longest time either of us has spent together without having to leave because dad called (FFILS). Anyway everything went smoothly until I arrived at the airport and Kim, Sheila, and I sat down at a small restaurant right before the security checkpoint. We ordered a plate of Buffalo Wild Wings to hopefully hold Kim and I (especially Kim over for a while). When my phone rang. Expecting it to be mom or dad I answered. “Hello”…………”Yes I am looking for Brian Gruueuueen” his Indian “quick-e-mart” voice was ever too familiar,, the guy from the shuttle company. “Dare has been a problum with da shuttle bus and ahhhh we will be unable to pick you up”. He continued for a few mins telling me there was nothing he could do that evening. Well here we go again I thought as memories of a week past jumped into my mind.

Oh god the one thing I was counting on when I got back was that shuttle. I immediately got on the phone with the parents told them the situation they reminded me that grandma and Grandpa had some friends ‘the Pennings’ (they had given me a ride once before) in Houston and she would get their number for me just in case. Just as soon as I had finished with mom and dad I began to call those students back at PV who I knew had cars. After several unsuccessful attempts I managed to get Ryan who said there was a possibility, and I should cal him when I got in. I continued to call people while I passed through the security line as Kim held my side and Sheila watched upon us with one of those sort of a sad puppy dog faces. The time came to say goodbye when I reached the forbidden sign that read “ticked passengers only beyond this point” I gave Kim one last long hug and kiss put my Star Trek bag on the X-Ray machine and walked through the metal portal separating Kim and I for the next two months. For anybody happening to watch or see us It must have looked like something directly out of some Chick Flick Movie with a sappy beginning or ending.

When my plane left (about 40 minutes late might I add) I had so many emotions running through me people might have thought I was Pregnant. Unlike last time my flight back was smooth and comfy I slept the entire way back.

After picking up the miraculous only that that had not gone wrong with the traveling the “Miraculous black bag of choths”. I began calling my miscellaneous contacts…… Each time I called another “sorry I cant make it”. I took out the Pennings number and gave them a call “Hello is this Brian Gruening Calling” I said as hopefully as I could. “Yes”. “I have run into somewhat of a pickle my plane came in late and the shuttle bus is broken down,, I am kind of stuck here.” Almost before I could finish my sentence he had offered me a place to stay for the evening and that he would be around in about a half an hour to pick me up.

Someone up there was watching over me this time. Steve picked me up brought me to his house fixed me up a delicious hot homemade bowl of soup and a nice bed for the evening. I got in touch with the shuttle company and they said they would be more then happy to pick me at the airport the next morning. And as luck my have it Steve was heading in that direction in the morning on his way to Alabama to do a study in the wetlands (he’s a biology professor at the University of Houston). The next morning after a will needed sleep I packed up the Star Trek Bag (after a rather good away mission’ good thing its not a RED case’). I took the shuttle back to PV just in time for my Navy class.

Thanks Steve, I owe you one. Mabye I can get you a slushy "I am pretty sure I know a guy who can get you one".


Anonymous said...

I love you.