Hail Drops are falling on my Head

Up at the ungodly early time of 0500 this morning for PT, I was surprised to find the weather fairly nice. About 70 with 50% humidity. It’s been a long time that the weather has cooperated with early morning PT. Anyway my PT group did a couple of laps on what now become known as the loops. (A two mile loop around campus.) Popped off a couple of sit-ups, push-ups and called it a day. “My bed was calling”. I wonder how much good PT does you when you go to bed right after it until like 1100. Man from now on I am adopting the “Real Genius” Policy on running, I only run when chased. When I awoke to the sound of a thunder storm complete with hail a few hours later I knew I would not be leaving the room for the rest of the day.

Perhaps I should have blogged about his sooner but I just plain forgot about it. This entry will bring us back a few days while I was still in Arizona with Kim.

Saturday evening Bruce, Sheila, Kim and I decided to go on a double date. The plan was, go out to dinner together and from there the split up and go do whatever it was each us wanted. We took both cars in order to ensure maximum distance and secrecy from the falcon-like eyes of the elders after dinner. I found myself right at home in the Texas based steak house Bruce and Sheila choose BJ’s.

After a brief joke session and the appetizer, which was actually big enough to be a four course meal, I swore to myself and my stomach I was never going to eat again. A seemingly short time later as our waiter brought the salads and soups I wondered if stomach pumps were included as a complementary service for customers. By the time the main course (a 16oz steak) came to the table Mr. Tummy and I were on the verge of a digestive tract breakdown. “Oh lord where are the Tums”. At least I saved some room for the dessert the “ChocTanic.” And oh yes we brought home the doggy bags.

Following our dinner fit for the Hulk, Bruce and Sheila gave us some driving directions to a club entitled Jillians. Not a far drive, Jillians, according to their research it was supposed to be quite the place to hang out. So Kim and I hoped into out sleek Bullet Red…….”Family…….Mini,,,Van””Yeah..”. And headed off, what we did not know was that a very interesting night of laughing, tanning, sitting, and pondering was in order.

Arriving at this Jullians our initial impression was one of good nature. Valet Parking, Neon lights, water fountains, bouncers, tons of clubs, even a live band playing right outside (pretty good might I add) filled the entire area. However our initial impressions were soon filled with feelings of curiosity. Yes there were lots of teenaged kids, but none not a college student was to be seen. And right along intertwined with them were old people. I mean the median age must have been about 40 (as I am sure not a single 40 year old adorned the streets that night). The streets were filled with both the munchkin land-like ambiance of High School kids, and the formaldehyde smell of old people.

A strange place. Kim and I walked around hoping to find a group of college kids and follow them in the shadows to a secret college spot that only college students knew about, but were unsuccessfully disappointed. However along our walk I did get a sun tan from the flamingly bright, as I honestly believe that every guy with a compass that didn’t point to north was out (a.k.a. not straight PPL). It was about that time that Kim and I realized where we were. A perfect place for kids between the ages of 14 and 17, and the grandparents that brought them. Most of the clubs read you must be 21 to enter and the ones that did not require the age were totally filled with ankle biters. We then retreated to the relative safety of Borders to see on the off chance if they had Wil’s other book “Dancing Barefoot”. Nope guess it’s more of a specialty item.

At this point Kim and I both dazed and confused yet still understanding decided we would be better suited back at home watching a movie of our own choosing. Where we could snuggle without wide eyed staring kids just waiting to yell our “OOOOOOOOhhhhOOOOOO” or the criticism of old people who thought that anything more than holding hands in public is a sin.
We drove back home and watched “The Rock”.


Anonymous said...

Forever yours...
I wish I were with you, now and forever... the most unforgettable 64 hours of my life... I YOU for all eternity - Not a day goes by that I don't think of you - Love always

Anonymous said...

just be careful who you call OLD and the age at which you get to that point!!!--I"m glad you had a great time--you both deserve it.