Nightmare Part I

Ever have on of those dreams where you don’t think you’re going to get out alive? That dream became a reality form me on what was the most agonizing trip I have ever been on.
As I have no car down here I rely on a shuttle service, Ground shuttle get to and from to Bush International airport. The service is a pretty good deal for twenty bucks they pick you me up and let me off right at the airline gate. Anyway, they are supposed to call me when they are right outside of Prairie View right approximately 1800. 1800 rolls around and no phone call 1810, 1820, I try calling their office but no one answers. Thinking they just forgot to call I picked up my ready packed black bag and official Star Trek Briefcase and headed over to where the shuttle was supposed to be picking me up hoping it would be there waiting for me.
I closed the my room door behind me and walked down the hall turned to corner to the small entry way in the front of the building with a large glass door and a guest sign in place to the right., when gazed out the entry to what has become home. I saw what I had dreaded every day for the past two weeks. It was raining and it was raining hard. Ok fine ill walk in the rain a bit of water never hurt anybody right. Half way to the rendezvous point, what had initially been the type of rain that song birds seeking cover in the trees, chirp there seductive tunes in, had turned into a rain more consistent with that of a tropical monsoon where the birds no longer chirp little songs of peace but screech out tunes of horror.

By the time I made it to the pickup place (luckily under a roof) I was not one for being dry, and to make matters worse they still had not called. I waited for another what seemed like an eternity, ten whole mins before the call did come in.
“Hello is this Brriann Grruuuunnneea? The obviously Asian man spoke with the accent of Abu from the Quickie Mart asked. “Speaking” I answered. “Yeah,…. Wel de Shuttle is bout ahh feve minutes away ok, it is a bluuu van… ok”…..“Ok” I said and waited.

It was a good thing that my place was not scheduled to leave until 2100 I thought as I loaded up my gear into the van. Well I guess the worst is behind me I thought as the van took me off the campus. What I did not know at the time was that it could get worse a whole lot worse. And worse it did get. I arrived at Bush fourty-five minutes later at the Contenential terminal, grabbed my boarding pass, and proceeded through unusually short security lines to my gate E-2. I called Bruce(Kim's Dad in AZ), and Dad back home. Took out Wil's Book "Just a Geek" (which I have read twice now and highly reccomend), my watch said 1930.

Oh, and Joe the campus shut down their superG Routers they dont use mine anymore.


Joe said...

Should have came here man - it hasn't rained/snowed for a few weeks (just 10 degree wind chills...), and you could have taken the Minneapolis Metro Transit Hiawatha Light Rail Line (Elevated/Subway/Streetcar system made by Bombardier) to the Airport. The train is $1.25 ($1.75 rush) and stops right under the terminals at KMSP. You would not have even had to go outside except to transfer to buses and the train.


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