Limited Connectivity

Ok, first off did not update the blog yesterday I fell into a Coma-like sleep for about eleven hours. In the words of Lili Von Shtupp,… “Ahhh I fweel Wefweshed.”

As the entire campus has now gone away to their miscellaneous spring break hotspots, homes, and parties. I find myself sitting in front of a computer screen (with no internet by the way) writing this blog. The campus has never been so quiet or at the same time so boring. But, it’s really nice to have some peace and quiet around here for a change. Normally the faint sound, or more often the completely audible sounds of, Snoop Dogg or Nelly resonate through the halls of my dorm. It’s not that I hate RAP music (Which I can now tolerate after ten months of hearing nothing but Rap), I am just saying to put on some good old Toto, Journey and dare I say it…. Styx is really pleasant to the earlobes.

But over the past hours I have become ever so aware of my dependence on the internet for survival here at PV/no-mans land. My link to the outside world as I like to call it (those of you who have been down here know what I am talking about). Sure its fun to run off into the endless fields of grass and cow pies of the governors Ranch (right next door to PV), whittle a stick,....chuck some corn....., or have a nice conversation with a lonely cow, and run like hell when the lone longhorn sees us trying to “horn” in on his bitch., No matter though, cuz we’ll get back at him later at one in the morning when he mysteriously falls over and sees a bunch of college students running away as fast as they can (a.k.a. “Cow Tipping”). …. But it just does not offer the same fast passed connection between the brain body and soul as a 108megabyte super G router can.
I’m not sure exactly how many hours a day I spend online but I am sure it is a substantial part of my day (maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t know). While “connected” Trillian is always on, as I look for English paper sources, surf Slashdot for the newest tech news, finish a C++ program, and stream DI. Not only is the internet an absolute must when it comes to Education but also to my mental health. I had to write an equation statement about my relationship to the internet it would probly sound something like this Ahhhhh high speed internet connection + Doom 3 and Unreal Tournament 2k4 = fun. (The availability of the internet is directly proportional to the sum of my mood and mental health). If that makes any sense.
I have spent most of the day packing for my trip to Arizona, to see Kim’s mother’s family and Kim at the end of the week. I am so excited I can barley sit still, I suppose some of that comes from never being off campus other then for Navy functions since I got back from Christmas break. Still I really can’t wait to see Kim.

I’ll try to update the blog as much as I can during spring break but more likely the better stuff will come after the break when I have some time on the plane to sit down and write some good stuff.


Joe said...

Have fun on your break!

And why do you have no internet?(I'm assuming that you packed up your router...)