What a Vacation

01 07 04

After spending almost four weeks home I am a bit sad to leave, however everybody has to work right. Anyway, I am writing this on an Embraiair 145 Jet, on my new laptop (which I go a really good deal on) approaching Bush International where I will land and continue back to prairie view. How I wish I had just one more week of vacation. I love Prairie view but their leave starts a full week before most of the Universities in Wisconsin do, so by the time everybody was home and rested up It was time to go to class again. Classes start on Monday so I have a couple of days to settle back in, and find where my classes are maybe even get a little gaming in with my friends down there.
My last few days at home went by so fast. At my X-Box party, which lasted from 1700 to 0600 right before I left, I did renew to myself that I am defiantly a computer gamer and not a console gamer. My futile attempts to even got 20 frags in a first to 50 Halo 2 deathmatch were pathetic. Non the less I still had a good time getting together with most of my friends and just chilling. A couple hours after my party my best friend had his wisdom teeth taken out. I went over to his house (which has not changed on bit in the 16 years that I have been going over there) where I attempted to give him a hand. I felt bad for my friend as he was experiencing some pretty serious pain, but I also like the fact I was able to give him a hand. It was a nice fealing and one i rarely get to feal.
Overall Christmas leave went pretty well the only complaint I have falls under in what will be from now on called the future father in law syndrome FFiLS. Kim’s father was not at all pleased with her coming to see me and her mother (See Kim’s parents are happily divorced and her mother and step father who live in Arizona came up to visit us). It was a fight just to take her out for a nice dinner and a movie. I am not sure how next year’s Christmas will go but I am pretty sure Kim and I are both going to try and leave him out of it. As for my family, who bent over backwards for Kim and I, they were the usual loving and caring family I have come to know the last 18 years of my life. (“The pilot just got on the intercom and told us we were facing a 150 mph head wind and that we might be a little late”) Perfect, this may be the single longest blog I ever post as there is nothing else to do on this plane! (Sarcasm is a good thing)! To those members of my fam back in Wisconsin who may be reading this thanks for everything and I love you all sorry Kim’s father had to be such a @*#hole.

Oh and for those of you who don’t know what WWdN is, it stands for http://www.wilwheaton.net/ who I believe is one of the best bloggers out there. Wil is also a pretty funny guy, fellow Star Trek enthusiast and geek. Some say a bit like me. Also the good laptop deal go to best buy and get a Toshiba Satellite M35X-S149 only 650 bucks the equivalent Gateway is 999 (Highly recommended).

P:S Sorry for that really long run on sentence in the beginning.