Occasionally looking through the window

Today I was disappointed when my body awoke me at 830. I was really hoping I would sleep through most of the day. The majority of the population has not arrived yet, and well it is really boring around here. Although it is kind of nice having the room quiet for once, normally there is always some faint rap music or a door slamming. Once and a while I take a peek out our first floor window just to see if there is anything going on outside, but there never is. Only the peaceful chirping of a family of sparrows that live in the bush just under the window. Today was a beautiful day by Wisconsin standards, not a cloud in the Sunny sky and about 75 degrees. Most people would say that better than 10 inches of snow but I do like the snow and miss it.
Other than that my day was mostly spent installing a new 54g wireless card into my computer, surfing the web, and finding places for the Christmas presents I brought back. Nothing really happened. So I am going to take this opportunity to blog about some past events in my life.