Can I borrow a Screw Driver?

If I am one thing on this campus, I am the man to come to whenever something electronical, or a piece of bling bling breaks. Everything from cell phones to Computers come through Room 105 Building 36 (aka. Brian’s room). At least four times a day without fail someone knocks on the door and asks if I have the time and ability to fix something for them or if they can borrow some type of tool ( I have a ton of tools here). Solder a broken chain back together or fix a computer that is either older than I am or so infected with viruses that is would just be easier to wipe the hard drive and start from scratch. Although I can’t fix everything all the time I do pride myself in having the ability to fix most of the stuff that comes through here. For a small fee I will fix it, unless it is such a simple fix I can do it on two mins. It’s a nice way to make a few dollars here and there, and it helps pay for 150 dollar calculus books. Sort of the Krail Jewelry at Prairie View (thanks Dad).

Today I finally finished meeting all my new teachers. Boy I really have some “winners” this semester. Including a computer science teacher straight from china, a math professor who talks so amazingly slow that a tortoise could fall asleep in his class, and history teacher who reminds me of a drill sergeant. Hopefully everything goes ok. I guess we will just have to wait and see, or so the saying goes; “only time will tell”.

Also Today was also my grandma’s Birthday (on my mother’s side). For as long as I can remember Grandma has always been there for me. When I was sick with the flu in sixth grade, when I locked my keys in the car or I needed to be picked up at the airport to come home, I can always count on grandma for assistance. Thank you for being there for me Grandma. All my love to you, Happy Birthday!

As my To Do list continues to grow, while my time allotment for it continues to shrink, I find myself starting my third semester of college. Sophomore status is nice when most everybody else is still a freshman. Being a kid who in his high school days never had a 4.0, but always decent grades and was always very well respected by other students and epically staff. Who sometimes put schooling on the backburner, while other activates like rockets and Boy Scouts got placed right up front. Even thought he knew not to. I have found that college is where you really get your education. Dr. Kirby and Dr. Faiser always told me “college is only as good as you make it, there is no such thing as a better school than another, if you want it bad enough you find a way to do it”. My first semester I stuck to that quote like an insect to fly paper and earned exemplary grades, this past semester I may have diverted a bit from it and my grades showed it. However, I look back on my second semester and see what I was able to accomplish. A job offer from Lokheed Martin, working for NASA at Johnson space center, Academics officer as a fourth class for NROTC, keep my relationship strong with Kim and think to myself, life is only as easy as you make it for yourself it’s up to you, God and those who are willing to give you a chance help but in the end its up to you.