All Good Things

Tonight I decided to throw some TNG into the computer “Encounter at Far point parts one and two”, and “All Good Things”. I just got o the part in farpoint where Riker is looking for Data in the Holodeck, and finds him attempting to whistle the pop goes the weasel. It brought back memories of the last few minutes of Nemesis when Riker pays his respects to the late commander Data, and recalls his first encounter on the Holodeck. Yes I am a huge star trek geek and I cried when data died. I can’t remember how old I was, but I can recall my first memories of star Trek, when mom said I could stay up late (I imagine after a while of convincing on my behalf) and watch TV with her. There was a show called Star trek where these guys in uniforms and space ships traveled around space at warp speed, transported between places, and had this funny talking robot. I guess it was love at first sight, I told my best friend Dan about it, and before long we both had plastic phasers, tricorders, even our own bridge in his basement, complete with control panels. Our main view screen was a card table placed on its side, our warp core was tinker toys, and for our red alert, we scrounged through the Christmas lights for all the red bulbs we could find and rigged up one of those blinking adapters. Looking back at it, it was incredibly lame but it was ours. Dan and I logged countless hours aboard the Enterprise taking turns being captain, and going on away missions. More often than not our sisters became the invading aliens and the dogs and cats always proved to be a challenge. The older we got the more and more his basement looked like the enterprise as we were always making advancements. By the time we finally grew out of our space suits and found the real world “upstairs”, it was well into our middle school education. Even though our space suits didn’t fit we continued to follow star trek, almost never missing a new episode of DS9, Voyager “Dan’s Favorite”, and to this day Enterprise.
Yeah I’m a trekkie alright; star trek has shaped a good portion my life into who I am today. I suppose with a certainty that Star Trek started my loving for the Navy. The “Enterprise” need I say more?