HorseShoe Bay IV

Valkyrie continued his way through the only hatch connecting aft engineering section whichseparates the forward living and weapons sections. The humm of otherwise inaudible machinery instantly became apparent while the air around him instantly changed from a comfortable 60 degrees to an oil saturated 100 degrees.

Valk looked toward one of his shipmates working near the entrance.
"Spairo?" He shouted attempting to be heard above the loud ambiance.

He pointed down the corridor motioning to the control room.

A tall man Valkyrie proceeded down the passageway hunched over, weaving his head between pipes and cable conduits.

"Hey Quazi Motto, come on in." the muffled voice of Spairo came from behind thick walls of the radiation shielded room.

Valkyrie poked his head through the hatch, where relatively small girl stood poised over a series of gauges, dials, and digital readouts.

"How in gods name did you know I was coming, there’s no way you herd me over the turbine, and this room has no windows."

Spairo straightened herself up and patted the bicep of her old friend.
"A good engineer always knows what’s going on, as for how, that’s a little secret of mine."

"So what ya got for me, its not often you grace your presence back here?"

"More or less nothing, other then the fact were going out for supplies soon, need anything?"

"How about a case of old world brew?, oh wait even better how about a shiny new S8G reactor!"

"In your dreams" valk laughed. "What I'd give for a Cold Mountain Crest Lager. Although have you tried Doc's new concoction?
it will put some hair on your chest for sure."

"Not something I really need then is it?"

"Hey some guys like that sort of thing." The humm of the AC system instantly filled the otherwise awkward silence.

"Wow, Anywayayyy..." Spairo raised his voice just in time to change the subject. "About those supplies."

"Ha Ha, the look on your face"

"Oh no that's why we love ya." Spairo

So off the top of my head we could use any type of clean oil would be nice, Electrical wire at least 14gauge or better, oh any R114 coolant
or anything similar you can find were getting low. Are you going anywhere the NAVY base?"

"Don't know yet, were just getting the plan into action."

"Well let me know if you do, cuz I'll have one long list if you are.

"Tell ya what make that list up for me and We'll hand it off to the away team if they are."

"Fair enough."

"What should I tell Skip about his boat, how's she doin?" Valk.

"Well service air has a leak somewhere, and that electrical fire from last week is still causing grid issues. On second thought you tell my brother to get back here now and then haven't seen him in days."

"Will do, and I'll tell him, thanks Spairo."