'Project Ka-nif-e'

Right before Christmas I got it into my brain that I would start the next book, which I have deemed 'Project Ka-nif-e'' consisting of fun and perhaps a few not so fun stories from my many years in Scouting. Call it my de-facto New Years resolution I guess. Anyway I came up with some ideas for chapter progression and what not but after a few days of being really excited about writing the creative part of my brain withered into nothingness. And again I fell back into pretending that I was working on the new book and blog.I then spent a fair about of time complaining with myself and in some cases making shady deals with my brain, in order to coax my psyche into doing more stuff for the blog, but to no avail.

Then came Xmas my sister got me a great journal (I call it a journal but its really a man diary) for writing down stuff. It comes with me most places and it's great because if something pops into the old noggin I can just jot it down (in all honesty thats where these lines are comin from).

Which brings us to the now, 'Project Ka-nif-e'' is finally starting to take shape. Most of the stories I have started so far or that I have at least chosen for the upcoming book have never been posted on the blog, unlike Temba, where half of the stories debuted right there on the web. Some of them have even been works in progress for some years now (one paragraph at a time). In any case now that I'm actually working on it, It's been difficult to single out the stories as there are so many of them. I am mainly focusing on the more comical events but throwing a few serious stories in there. As for the length I'm again shooting towards the length of Temba. I really liked the way you could just sit down and read one chapter and it only took 10 minutes.

So summarizing everything hopefully I get off my lazy ass and get some work out for everyone to enjoy.