Nothing Happened

So I thought I was done with P3 of Hammock Shop, I read through the whole thing and decided that after three revisions, finally, it was crap, just a load of phrases that were supposed to be funny and descriptive. However, in reality they were about as funny as seeing a kernel panic error on your Linux server. So I'm starting again hopefully this time it won't suck. I've got lots of stuff going on right now which may have something to do with my inability to give part three the glory it deserves. So figured maybe I needed a break from doing that project. So I'm gonna start writing some other stuff and come back to Hammock Shop.

I had once again fallen into my time old trance which happens in the early morning hours when I'm writing, only I'm not writing. It look like I'm writing, but I'm not really, the cursor just blinks at me taunting the keyboard for characters, and nothing happens. Minutes pass, the cursor blinks, and the open office document, blank. A movie always plays in the background filling up the empty stillness with some sound. Oddly enough on that particular night the movie Barton Fink, was a picture about a writer who can't get started on his story.

I was about an hour and a half into the movie/writing project when my idea came. I just started working on it and so far it doesn't suck.