For the Horde

The spirituous Shaman Cockat00 and the infamous Warrior Bigandnasty stood side by side in honor and brotherhood just as Thrall and Garrosh in the yesteryears.

Ancient primary waters of Nagrand fell from the cliffs of the elemental throne creating a thin mist over the ancestral grounds, the cleansing droplets fell upon the brows of the Horde clan RRPs members, as they waited..

The new formed rust on warriors armor clinked and the ground shuttered under their feet as he lifted a tainted red banner encrusted with insignia of the Horde, and planted it at their feet.

"Let it be known to all present, to those afar, and to the ancestors. My time as your leader has come to an end." The Warrior shouted. "FEAR NOT," for the spirits have come to me and they have told me of a young shaman who shall lead you us victory. "He has stood among you in battle many times, he has healed your wounds, called upon the elements to strike our down foes, and now, he stands before you." "His Name is Cockat00."

The banner fluttered behind them as a calm primal breeze floated through its war tattered cloth. The two Orc's turned to face one another. The mighty warrior lifted his heavy weapon and rested upon the shamans shoulder.

"Gol'Kosh" I relinquish command of the Rubber Room Psychos to you wise shaman, do with them as you wish."

"Swobu" and "Aka'Magosh" to you Bigandnasty. The new leader whispered to his predecessor."You will never be forgotten."

The Two Orcs turned to face their guild.

"From this day forth you will be united under his command." "Hail now your new leader."

"Lok'tar Ogar!"

This was something I wrote quickly for our guild change of command ceremony.