Hoked on Foniks workd for me.

It was second or third grade, one or the other, or most likely both. To be exactly specific I can't, my memories from that time period are a bit hazy, in retrospect I think did a little to much raspberry ICEE and froze my brain off back in those days.

The hard plastic of the 1970's vintage, multi colored, once size fits all kids chair felt cool against the skin of my short adorned legs. A small crack down the middle of the back restraint pinched my GI Joe t-shirt between is teeth while a bead of sweat rolled off my forehead.

“The next word is magazine, magazine

Ok you can do this, sound it out like mom said, I thought to myself.

Mmm agg, maga, magazene. From deep inside my lungs a dull frustrated sigh leaves my mouth, maga, magazene, Yeah magazene. The dull point my No. 2 learners pencil moved over the double wide lines blue and red lines of my K-3 writing pad.

“Is everybody done? Raise your hand if you still need more time. Nobody? Ok then, the next word is pancake, pancake.

Pan, pankaa, pan, pankake. Yes, got another one no way I am going to have to stay after school learning my spelling words today.

The clock read 11:12, oh man if I can just make it through the rest of this stupid spelling test lunch I'm only two of the big numbers away, and then after lunch recess.

“The word is library, library.”

Libraire. Ha, done, come on teacher give me the hard ones. I so saw mom pack a pizza lunchable and Capri sun for my lunch this morning while I was getting ready. The other kids are going to be so jealous when I open my brand new official Batman lunch-box with pizza lunchable.

“Ambulance, Ambulance”
She said.

Ambulanse. This new Fonics thing is really working.

A few years later a new feature was added to a wide variety of word processors, the feature was f7 or spell check.