That one Piece of the Puzzle

The more and more I edit Temba the more I think its missing a chapter, which I am having a really tough time trying to figure out what exactly it is I think it's missing. As I am sure most of you know Temba is going to have both new stories and some older more revised ones. So far the chapters pretty much cover all the major time era's in my life which is making this search for the perfect short filler story just that much more difficult. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas for stories you wish I would have wrote about in the past drop me a line, email me, comment on this post, or whatever. I'm counting on you all to help me out here, who knows your request might just be in the book.

Lets see oh I just ordered my evening ticket for This American Life LIVE. I am so excited about it. I guess basiclly they are doing a live show and just streaming it to various movie theatres around the United States on on Thursday, April 23rd. check it out here.

Well as long as I'm up I guess Ill do some work on the performance piece I am writing for my theatre class it's my final. Hopefully when we do it I can find a way to record it for you guys, or at the least I suppose I could post the script. Either way I am really looking forward to seeing how it comes out in class. And just because I know you are wondering what it is about I'll give you a tiny teaser. "Imagine a future world" (sorry couldn't resist). The year 2401, two hundred years have passed since Nuclear War destroyed all forms of digital anything. All digital devices have been rendered useless by the electromagnetic fields caused by the atom bombs. Of course there has been no such thing as paper books or records for many years. However, the only known remaining records have been kept under lock and key by an elite group of nerds who have learned (from playing video games) how to survive nuclear war. Now they must teach the gospel of their ways and rebuild what is left of society upon their sacred records which have written on them "Star Trek."

Oh and before I forget some of the illustrations for Temba are starting to come in, you are all going to love them. Thanks to Torian for helping me out so much with these.