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Well in another blindingly insightful move by our NAVY rotc staff or rather (Marine Staff) in order to deal with those individuals who continually show up for events late or simply don’t show up at all, they have decided to punish the entire Unit. Our NAVY captain is out ill, some type of back injury and surgery, so the Marines have free reign of the unit. “Note to self: send him a get well NOW card”. So Instead of having NAVY events begin at 0600 like they did when I first got here a depressing four years ago, they have moved the muster or (the time we need to be there) to 5:40AM. Now twenty minutes you say to yourself that does not seem like much but when you have to get up at 445, instead of shortly after 5 there is a huge mental difference. Well anyway moving on I decided the only way I can get up that early and still operate through the day was simple to go to bed earlier. Well those of you who know me, know that asking be to go to bed before midnight is like asking Ghandi to start World War III by Nuking Denmark. Of course I blame mom for instilling upon me the night owl gene, back in the day when Star Trek TNG only came on at night not that it’s a bad thing I mean Star Trek is worth it. You dummy go to sleep you have to get up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow.

Two Cocktails and the first bit of some CSI later around 945 I dozed off.

The TV harmonically told of magic diets, my computer monitor quiet now has long been black in hibernation mode for some time, through the paper thin walls I can hear the sprinklers watering the pavement of Prairie View and the all to familiar sound of computer fan. There was only one thing missing and that was the infamous sound of alarm clocks. “My arm fumbles to the nightstand to open the phone to ensure my greatest fear………..The alarm is not scheduled to go off for another two hours.

“Ok Brian two options you can somehow try and force yourself back to bed” well better make that one option. You could organize your music collection as you often do, “My Operating systems book sends a quick PSSt my way” like there is a point at studying at three in the morning. Yup there is only one good solution. Blog about it.

“One, Two, Three, and a half scoops of Folgers dark roast and the familiar sound of percolation. “Note to self buy a new travel mug you cheapskate this one is a POS”. Better make a whole pot this is going to be a long day.

A quick surf through the channels reveals only male enhancement products, girls gone wild someplace in Colorado, and the amazing ability of the new bow flex to fit under your bed. “The super duper Combination hookah and coffee maker, also makes Julienne fries”. Somewhere in the forest of PBS Bob is secretly creating a happy tree. And on that river in the woods somebody is swearing by the pocket fisherman and the bionic bait. “What’s that Gorge? They don’t have any fat, but fat is what makes them taste good”. It sure is a good thing we have these knives that can cut through bricks, and if one of the knife handles breaks no worries “Mighty Putty to the rescue”. ”It will not break, Will not break,…………..It broke”.

Good thing is its now 5am its time for a shower then its off to learn about naval customs during our annual dining out. “Funny I wrote that training two years ago” now I get to learn what I tought years ago from somebody else fun, this one is gonna be a snoozer. Thank you Mr. Travel Mug.