Ode to the Gamer

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4nd h3r3%5 73h pr0p054!-- 1 h0p3 j00 h4v3 phun:
50 0u7 4nd b347 737r15. [My w0rk h3r3 15 d0n3.]


A leet gamer's a dude who thinks they're "the hot"
But the rest of us gamers know they are not.
"I totally owned you, you noob!" they might say
As their idiot speech is placed on display.
Don't type in all caps using numbers and signs
Or our opinion of you will become misaligned.
So you hit the max level? I really don't care,
Since your high-level friend powerleveled you there.
So you got a high frag count? Which spawn did you camp?
By the way, killing bots doesn't make you a champ.
You can call me a hater, you can say I lack skills,
But this player doesn't need a cheap PK for thrills.
Thus I issue a challenge; accept if you can.
Aren't you a leet gamer? Aren't you so-called "the man"?
The ultimate task that should you succeed
All gamers shall bow down and follow your lead.
And here's the proposal-- I hope you have fun:
Go out and beat Tetris. [My work here is done.]