Ok so this is the first real post to SyNONYM I have had in what is basicly months. For that I apologise. I have just beeen soo busy This past weekend I was up for forty hours straight working on NAVY stuff and I now am somewhat sick ( I think its some type of stomach virus). Apparently thats what you get when you work for two days straight dont have enough time to clean yourself before you eat. Anyway those are stories from another day. The story below comes from a sailing day NROTC had a while back enjoy. And of course Happy Birthday to the best mom (even thought there is a little bias) in the world. Love you Mom See you soon.

The morning sun sparked off the rippled surface of Lake Somerville as a low layer of fog rolled off the water giving way to its human users of the day later, only the phmmm phmmp sound of a foot pump hinted that the Prairie View A&M NROTC had arrived.

A few figure eights later four Lasers dotted the shoreline, sails luffing in the wind, awaited their crews. Dagger board’s scraped soft bottom of sandbars, mainsails flailed wildly trying to catch breezes, and Midshipmen found themselves may times doing more swimming then sailing. However, slowly but surely mainsails caught the tack wind, and tillers found their way to the sweet spot. Salty Seadogs and Scurvy Cur’s alike sailed their ways towards Mate A qualifications. Streaming through the water, Lasers cut through the gentle waves harnessing mother natures wind in the ways sailors have for centuries before them. Before long the land loving sailors of Prairie View found their sea legs, makeshift races began to sprout among crews and boats. The occasional “WHOOOOOOO” echoed through the bays as sails caught, and Midshipmen shifted as much weight as they could to prevent capsizing. Even mans best friend decided to join in on the fun for a while.

But the weather started getting rough and the tiny boats were tossed. The gentle breezes of morning made way to gusting bursts of airstreams, placid ripples rolled into choppy waters. New sailors were quick to find out why the sail had been replaced by the nuclear driven propeller. Tacking in vain against the wind boats seemed to go nowhere, as the weather only worsened. Some boats gave into nature opting for a tow via safety zodiac (aka five horse power motor), while others fought through.

Land Lovers to sea dogs Lake Somerville hosted without bias. Stories were made, knots tied, terms were learned, sails hoisted, boats righted. Lake Somerville gave all it could to break the bonds of Prairie View, but at the end of the day through thick and thin teamwork prevailed