One last time

This post takes place on my last Day in Las Vegas. While I try to convey what it is I was feeling and the events in this post, no words will ever be able to neither express nor tell this story how it really felt. Keep in mind that perhaps one day when my mind is clear of all this I will revise it and add other things. I am going to need a good deal of help these next months anything is appreciated.

Eleven twenty-five, the yellow show time shuttle had arrived just as it was scheduled. Kim and I waited in silence both of us afraid to say much. Handing my black rolling bag to the shuttle driver I muttered in a monotone voice “United Airways please”. Stepping around with haste around to the door where I chose the second seat from the front. Kim picked the seat next to me, holding her hand, I starred at a rainbow tank top with a white see through Henley, a pair of loose fitting blue jeans and a pony tail. “This is the last time I am going to see her” played like a record through my brain. Trying not to make eye contact with my soul mate, holding back the tears as the pain was too much. The shuttle arrived at the airport after not a long drive from my home of the week the Tropicana. Cars and shuttles filled the drop off area and I almost was run over by a yellow cab, “Double Dumb Ass on you” ran through my brain, but I decided to just continue on. Kim was flying United and I southwest. So we went to our respective carriers and checked in. Kim had no problem as her flight left at three, however, with my flight leaving at 2300 I could not even check in. Dragging my large rolling case, navy carry-on and Freemont artwork through the airport to Raceway bar and grill. March Madness UW-Milwaukee vs. Florida State showed on various flat panel televisions as I ordered my lunch “the Wisconsin please and a sprite”, a simple club sandwich with real Wisconsin Cheese the menu said. Kim ordered the same, except with water.

Little was said over the next ninety minutes, broken hearts and blank eyes only quickly glanced at one another. “Will you keep your Promises”? I asked, almost choking on tears inside “I will” Kim answered……….”That’s all” I said to the waitress as we gathered our bags, Terminal D, United terminal approached slowly. A few feet from the security checkpoint stood a decorative pillar. Bags placed on the floor this was it. This is where I had to say good bye. Our arms crossed around each others backs “I promised myself I won’t cry” I whispered holding her tightly. “ I will always love you, even though it may not seem like it in the coming months”……

“I can’t do this much longer” I whispered, and. Out of my mouth came two words that will never again mean the same thing. Nudging her in the direction of the watching security guards and gates, “Go Home”. Her hand slipped gently from mine. She placed her bags on the belt to be zapped with ultraviolet waves, and then disappeared forever.

A lone slot machine rang out “Wheel of fortune” attempting to entice some one to play it. My official Blue Angles chronograph read 22:23. Gate 14 with service to Houston, awaited anxiously for passengers to arrive. Nine hours had passes since I last said goodbye to Kim, and by now exhausted mentally, I sat alone at terminal 14 thinking What now?, holding back the tears every second. My phone hot from charging and talking, with family and friends looking for comfort wherever I could. Just wishing that I were home in Wisconsin with my family. The flight ladies blabbered about overbooking the flight and volunteers for something.

A jackpot rang out as some guy probly with his last couple of quarters hit a five grand jackpot on wheel of fortune. The plane began to board zones one and two. There was no actual gate we would have to walk to the plane outside. I gathered my things walked to the door and trudged down the stairs out to the tarmac, stopping shortly to look back at the strip before getting on the plane. The Tropicana in the for-ground, Mandalay Bay, MGM, Excalibur, and New York behind.

Reflecting on the past week it passed through my mind like that of a dying man. This was Las Vegas where I had a wonderful Vacation and lost the love of my life, now it was time to go home.