Two Pair

Day two of the relationship war, Kim and I spent twenty minutes this evening just talking just as yesterday. It’s amazing how your whole world can be going through the great depression and with the help of a few small things the entire world can get back on its feet. I know like yesterday, when I said a phone call. But a phone call right now is like the rainbow after the forty days of flooding. A sign that it will never happen again (hopefully).
And to make it even a better day, our ROTC unit got in about five grand of new supplies. Brand shinny new, not hand me downs from the Annapolis MID’s. After nearly a half a year my uniform is actually correct. The only problem with all of that new stuff is someone has to take it out of the boxes and do all the paperwork and put it away and and and. That person was me and a few others, it seemingly took forever.
I heard a really good saying the other day from one of our 4/C Midshipman he said “NROTC is like the Prairie View grass, under maintained, but expected to be the best” wow if that is not exactly what its like, I don’t know what is. Keep that in mind if you went and saw that terrible Annapolis movie. Anyway enough of my ranting, hey at least I have found the part of me that loved to write again. Keep praying everybody I think god is working his magic.