And here's the Bottom Line

After a brief yet uncomfortable encounter in the bathroom,(more infor later), I sit in a new computer lab before physics class looking back on a the hardest semester I have ever had. While most of it was a blurr of studying, emotional roller coasters, or navy work.

One thing that most definatly sticks out in my mind, as what might have been the most influential factor of my current and future schooling to come, is Dr. Fraizer. Yes everybody knows I had him for pre calculus over the summer last year, but that was only for a short time, this time it has been for en entire semester. What can I say the man has a gift from god in teaching not only math but also life lessons. Somehow he can teach advanced math for engineers to a kid who barely passed Algebra II not two years ago.I bet next semester although I dont have him officially for any classes I'll probly sit in on of his other math classes, even if its Calculus II again, just to be around the guy. If my grades turn out like I hope they do, it will be in no small part thanks to Dr. Freddie Fraiser for somehow enstilling in me a work ethic I never knew before. I just can't speak highly enough about him.

With less then two days of class, exactly four more sessions (not that I am counting or anything) before class is officially over. A few more finals and this semester from hell will be over. In the mean time I keep tellin myself "just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming.......