As the world turns

So between Being sick, Midterms and general busyness, SyNONYM has been pretty weak lately, sorry about that, but as life goes you have to prioritize. So I spent most of this weekend lying in bed watching movies attempting to get better as fast as possible. One movie I happened to pick randomly from my rather large collection was the Rock. As many times as I have seen the movie it still always makes me think. The plot line is so realistic it just really makes you think about certain things, plus being in the military gives you a unique perspective on many points covered as well. If you have not seen it I highly recommend it. Anyway, onto the other stuff.
The new computer I build (for dirt cheap might I say) since I got a bunch of the parts at QuakeCon continues to have issues. Basically it’s a really small really powerful computer. I learned at QuakeCon that having a seventy pound case going to LAN parties is more difficult then fitting a square filter into a round hole. After a long drawn out process of trial and error I finally figured out that because the airflow in the case is not good, the CPU is overheating. So completely annoyed with the problem, I purchased a two pound Zalman copper heat sink for her, let’s just say the overheating problem should be a thing of the past (hopefully).
In other news, Thanksgiving is approaching and with it another visit from Kim, oh how I can’t wait to see her. I have to make thanksgiving dinner here in the room so that should be interesting hopefully I don’t mess anything up too much. It sounds like my roommate Chris is going home for dinner that makes cooking a bit easier since it will only be for two people, well more like three as Kim can always eat for two, I have no idea where she puts all of it, high metabolism or something I guess. Onto studying, tomorrow I have our biggest exam in Government it’s an all written exam covering a multitude of topics. Oh boy just hope I can write fast enough. Can’t wait until that thing is over it will sure be a load off my mind. But as time goes on so does everything else. Only a few finals to go then it’s Christmas break oh yeah I cant wait to see that pure Wisconsin Snow.

Oh yeah once again let me know if you want me to blog about something in particular.