Do you have your exit buddy?

Although Prairie view did not get much of Rita in the end, for all we knew she was going to march right up here take a look around, play tidily winks with our cows, until she got bored and then move on. Needless to say Chris and I had to stock up on some food just incase. That being said, on Wednesday Chris’s girlfriend arrived and brought us to a local backcountry food store of Brookshire. Only a few minutes drive, using the back roads, we arrived at what at first seemed the Harris county People ZOO. Cars double Parked pick up trucks overflowed with loosely tied down personal belongings. People of all races franticly ran in and out of the store carrying food in their arms in extended shirts shopping carts, anything that could be used to squeeze that last can of soup into. Chris and I quickly ran about the store grabbing what we could before the store closed its doors. Meeting up after a few mins we summated our food articles and found ourselves at the end of a line indicative of those found at Six Flags Great America, starting and stopping every two feet those mere mortals waiting in line for checkout lane four became quite familiar with one another. Stories of previous hurricanes, questions about insurance, and a weary and all too aware laugh here and there from some joke or story.
The line slowly centimetered forward as announcements were mad over the stored PA system about the location of the storm and that they were no longer accepting credit cards as the pone lines now crammed with people were impossible to access. About half way through the line Chris and I found ourselves looking around at an empty store, any food that could be eaten and some things that could not, were now missing, or actually in the hands of crazed people. Oh sure there was a bar of soap here or an lone apple there, but a once full grocery store of moments past, now resembled the Sahara desert. “Good thing we came when we did” was repeated by people everywhere as Chris and I turned our heads in amazement.
Sliding our food along the floor, we neared the end, The constant beep beep beep of labels being scanned into the 1980 computer were now audible only adding to our anxious to get back to the room. Also in sight was the front windows of the store. Two hours earlier the sun had been out and the temperature was as it always is in Texas “”tenth blazes of hell hot”” were no longer. Replaced by wind and a thick low layer of dark black clouds actually resembling a cockatoo for a short time now filled the sky.
Paying the now almost exhausted cashier we thanked her in the nicest way possible and headed for the car and the back roads for PV. Twelve Mins later our door was closed. It was not opened again for three days.

Luckily the Rain, wind, and clouds was all PV and the Houston area got of RITA. Don’t get me wrong you did not want to go outside during it winds were crazy. Still Chris and I caught up on our sleep, planned some more of Panther LAN 2, and did some Physics, and for once in a long while ate very well, (Thanks to Brian’s excellent cooking skills).

Let’s just hope now that I can keep up with the mad pace of classes around here now.

And just because I love the movie, “Good afternoon we’re gonna have a great jump today”. lets see if anybody gets it.


Anonymous said...

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I wish I could find the time to put together a blog like this. Great work. I'm slowly creating mine around things like cooking lobster. Drop by if you get the chance.

Woody said...

Finding Nemo!!

(Jennie actually watched it the other night)

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