Peave Love and Rockets part V.

Sure enough five hours later, after what would be a quick sleep catcher upper. I awoke to a black room full of travel hardened sleeping UAV members. “Wake them up”? My mind cautiously thought to itself. "No", if they wanted to be up they would be. I threw on my official Quakecon entry badge, and headed out the door. Leaving UAV to its slumber. Riding the elevator down from the third floor, anxiously awaiting so see Quakecon in full force, I stepped over the shaft gap a little quicker then normal.
The line of hundreds just hours before had now subsided to only a dozen or so gamers (probly from the Dallas Area), Lucky Bastards. Anyway as the main doors grew closer with each passing step the sound of thousands of excited gamers rang out louder and louder everywhere you looked there was someone ready to game.
A swift breeze of maximum air conditioning passed over my body as I stepped through the Quakecon main gate. It was official Quakecon had begun.
The smell of Artic silver permeated through air as the sound of thousand of 80mm fans filled the hall with their ambiance, cold cathode lights and led lit up the darkened exhibition hall. "Exellent", and "Impressive" rang out constantly over the gamers. Trash talk between dualing clans in the distance. This was truly the worlds greatest game event.
Bypassing the vender booths to get the computer booted up and ready to go I made “HASTE” to the sixth row where UAV had set just hours before. I pressed the round silver button atop my case, and all at once the power of 3ghz of cpu and video card burst into life, the red lights from inside seemed to call out “FRAGS”. Sitting down, basking in the power of my gaming machine I ready her for action.
A-while later the first of UAV entered the area it was Revstan (our best quake3 player) and with him we decided to go check out what the venders had to offer. nVIDIA, Ageia, Intel man free stuff galore shirts, pens posters, cpu’s ram cables everything. But one thing caught our eye and it was that of QUAKE 4. Now this is a game we have been waiting for about 5 years now. And lord behold this year there was a playable demo. We sat down at the quake 4 game computers and got our frag on. All I have to say is that this game when it is officially released is going to be the most awesome game of all time. (It was even made in Wisconsin by Raven). We played for a while and then let the already long line of people behind us give it a try. We retreated back to the UAV stomping grounds of row 6. There the rest of the clan sat setting up. Soon after buying our first cases of BAWLS, UAV was kicking some butt on the multiple servers of the Quakecon BYOC. We played straight until the opening ceremony sponsored by nVIDIA.
The opening ceremony was for all intensive purposes simply awesome, it consisted of people doing strange things for computer parts. Eating butter popsicles, Fish smoothies, eating worms, eating onions, holding onto a computer without letting go, the macareana for three hours. All was going great until they called for a Push up contest. “Oh god, a push up contest with a bunch of computer nerds against a navy guy” Man I could beat all of these guys without even thinking. Before I knew UAV had hoisted up into the air upon the throne of Quakecon (the chair I was sitting on) and carried me through the thick crowd of cheering gamers and green light to the front of the stage where I was chosen to contend for a nVIDIA 7800gt video card (valued at 550 dollars) and all I had to do was some pushups.
On my hands and knees I watched with a sense of pride at the other gamers as they one by one fell out of the competition. After five minutes of up downs. It was down to me and another guy. The announcer (a sergeant in the army) called for us to switch to diamond pushups. No problem my arms said. The crowd shouted at the top of their lungs for us to fall or keep going on, the green purple lights and black light illuminated the dark stage. A few more push ups and a couple of grunts later Cockat00 arose victorious with a new video card in his wings. And from then on was known as cockat00 the King of Quakecon for the chair performance.
UAV spent the rest of the night and most of the next day in the 6th row competing with the thousands of other gamers in the BYOC leaving only a few times for bathroom breaks or special evets.